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Topics: Sociology, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: January 14, 2013
The week started with discussion on collaboration and how several big companies collaborate with society/NGOs to bring about change in the lives of people who are marginalized in one way or another. I personally always doubted these kinds of ideas but also thought that if they are reaping benefits and simultaneously doing well to society what is wrong with that. But now I think what could be the basic question to determine whether this is good or not. At first what came to my mind is intention i.e. what the intention behind this type of project is for companies. But the subsequent session raise a doubt about that also. What if the intentions are put in the minds of people by someone/some system? What if intention came in the first places because of the popularity of the concept and respectability these type of project receive in media/society/cases in premier B schools? We also discussed about the inequality in our society and how it had created a system where people on the bottom of pyramid can never reach on top. However they were kept in the hope that they can do like everyone by again creating examples and placing some social system at place. These type of issues and reasoning is very hard to accept for us reason being we are not able to think that this can also be one of the possibility. This is because our society, friends, parents, teachers, relatives, media etc had taught us some things are meant to be in this way only. We heard a argument in class that I can never imagine a society where everybody is equal. This is the feeling of almost everyone but some can express and some even don’t express because again they think that it is not good to show that they believe in inequality. But why is this feeling so strong is it because it is impossible or is it because we can never think of it or is because we were made to think that or we ourselves are afraid to lose some of our privilege that we are having right now will be in danger ? We have always challenged...
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