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Recent news reports indicate that child abuse is on the increase in Hong Kong. Attempt to account for this issue. Discuss the seriousness of the problem of child abuse in Hong Kong, and suggest at least 3 ways of dealing with it.

Fight with child abuse!

The schoolchild who invariably wears a forced smile, trying to conceal the unpalatable truth is Amy. Tiredness and Sadness are seemingly formidable to be taken away. Bruises and wounds are not going to hide themselves either. Apparently, the little girl has squeezed the vigor out of her life. Such predicament is within our anticipation when occurs in Africa. What really comes as an astonishment, however, is that it becomes prevailing in our prosperous city over the past few years, Hong Kong.

Beyond fortune, as same as many children in Hong Kong, Amy is being child abused. According to the authorities, child abuse means the physical, emotional or sexual abuse or negligence of children by parents, guardians, or others. For further examining, parents leave their children at home solely, penalize violently and starve unreasonably, etc, are kind of child abuse. Besides, what are the gravities of child abuse? What things can be done to put a halt to this alarming situation?

This social malady will have gravities to the individual as well as the society. For the former, child abuse carries a great hamper on both the physical and psychological development of the kid. Physically, children who have abused will possibly fall sick with insomnia. Also, they are inevitable to bear those intolerable pains on their immature body. Psychologically, child abuse will cast a shadow over the kids’ life. They cannot prevent themselves from falling victim to great depression as children find difficult to explicit the problems they are facing very often. And it will surely hamper their interpersonal relationship development.

For the later, the alarming escalation of child abuse rate will seriously destroys the social...
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