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Abortion persuasive speech

I stand before you today addressing this selfish, uncharitable and inhumane crime that is claimed to be legal in most of the countries existing on our planet. It’s all a matter of probabilities and possibilities, 50% is the chance. That’s what most children from unwanted pregnancy face. A 50% chance of survival, A 50% chance to be born. What’s the other 50% chance, death by abortion. For years the earth has been split into two by the controversial topic of abortion. There are more than 43 million abortions annually on planet earth. That means 43 million children who will never see the light of the day, 43 million children who will never have the opportunity to run or play, 43 million children who will never have friends or laugh.

To give you an example I will be choosing the United States of America as it is the best country with the most statistics and study provided on this subject. This constitution clearly states, life, liberty and the preserve happiness are available to all citizens. Are unborn children not citizens because they are still inside the womb? Are they not human being like us? The answer to this question is they are inside the womb because it is a better and more protected environment for them to grow. 22 days after conception a babies heart is fully functional and starts beating. And one single heartbeat is indeed a sign of life.

At 4-6 weeks a baby can feel pain and its vocal cords are complete. When the baby is 17 weeks old it can dream while sleeping, 3 weeks after that it can relate to its mothers voice and recognise her favourite music. And from month 5 to 7 the baby learns how to breathe and from month 7 to 9 the baby can relate to its mothers moods and use up to 4 of the 5 of its senses. The question to be asked is if the fetus is not alive then why is the baby growing? In order to grow the subject must be alive.

If the child is not a baby then why in the name of god does it suck its thumb?...
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