Abc Law Suit

Topics: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Discrimination, Civil Rights Act of 1964 Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: May 23, 2013
ABC Bakery Lawsuit
Raquel Valenzuela
May 17, 2013
Pete Medina

* A description of the compliance issue that led to the lawsuit and its ramifications for the organization.

A lawsuit was filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, he Lawsuit allegedly started because of the owners conduct among women working for the ABC Bakery and Cake shop, located in Albuquerque New Mexico. Women started the legal fight because of sexual harassment by the owner, in most of the occasion teenagers. The offensive conduct included unwanted touching, sexual comments, and innuendo. Some women complained and were forced to quit their jobs EEOC suited the owner for this as well. ("Equal Employment Opportunity Commision", n.d.). 

* A brief summary of the functions of the EEOC in one paragraph. The EEOC filed the suit to the owner of the bakery for violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; the settle of the lawsuit was at $220, 000. They attempted pre-litigation through the conciliation process, According to "Equal Employment Opportunity Commision" (n.d.), in addition to the substantial monetary  relief, the decree prohibits ABC from further discriminating or retaliating  against its employees and requires it to implement policies and practices that  will provide its employees a work environment free of sex discrimination and  retaliation.  ABC also agreed to provide the harmed women with letters of reference and apology letters.  Finally, ABCs must also provide its employees with anti-discrimination training and notice of the settlement. ("Equal Employment Opportunity Commision", n.d.). 

The social did change, it shows owner and employers how discrimination in this case sexual harassment could lead to a law suit, but most important to the people that get affected by cases. The lawsuit changes owners’ point of view, and helps them to take initiatives like sexual harassment training for the entire company. The information found though the...
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