A297 2008 Exam Paper Answers

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Latin 2008 exam answers

a) I however fear that great crowd of men.
b) Wicked thieves took your master´s gold
Do you want to go home today son?
d) We are poor but we never ask for money
e) Many of you are young men of no intelligence

a- nominative, nominative
b-accusative, ablative
c-gen.plural both
d-acc, nom
e- dat, gen or nom pl.
F-dat or abl both
g- gen, nom.
h- acc fem, acc masc.
I dat or abl, both
j- nom/acc plural both
a) nobis creditis
b) ferte intrate
c)omnia pericula
d)fratres stant
e) dis damus

a) ignis
b) scire
e) clam
a) Although he wants to become rich, he does not wish to deceive his friends. b) If you dare to beat my daughter, I will threaten you with death c)You ought not have entered the temple of the god because it is not the custom. d) At length on the 9th day they reached the ridge of the Alps. Here, they remained two nights because all were exhausted. The Hannibal led the soldiers out of the camp.After many hours he ordered them to halt. `Look´he said `You can see Italy before your eyes´; You are now stepping over the walls not just of Italy but even of the city of Rome; the way will now be easy and after one or two battles you will have the fortress and head of Italy in your hand and power. Q.6

a) optimum, difficile
a) loqui

a) cepimus, capiemus
b) clamuistis, clamabimus
c)potuisti, poteris
d) deluerent, delebunt
e) tetigi, tangam
a) adverb
b) imperfect ind. Act.
c)3rd dec noun
gen. Sing
e) perfect participle deponent verb
a) missurum esse
d) maiores
e) adepti

tum Poeni, ubi copias Romanorum in Africa uicerunt atque Regulum ipsum ceperunt, eum ad senatum miserunt quod uolebant pacem a Romanis obtinere ac permutationem captiuorum facere.
Regulus igitur, iuratus se aut haec impetraturum esse aut Carthaginem ad mortem rediturum, Romam...
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