A1) Cache Level 3

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A1) Evavuate how effective team work can contribute to keep children safe.

For effective team work to contribute to the safety of children teaching assistants, school staff and outside agencies i.e.- social services, need to work closely with each other, communicating well by ensuring all relevant information is passed over to the right person by contributing in meetings. We as teaching assistants need to be fully aware of all policies, procedures and legislations within the school, like safeguarding, risk management, child protection and so on....also knowing the right person to approach if you have any concerns with the children; if a child has had an accident knowing, so knowing who the first aider is important so they can be assessed for any injuries and so on. If a child asked to talk to you and disclosed something that you think could put them in danger or come to any harm knowing the right person to handover the information to is vital because you could be putting the child at risk by not communicating with your team members. All staff should know who the two school child protection officers as one may be absent. In my work placement we have two staff meetings a day to ensure we talk over the days events, we have one first thing in the morning before lessons begin and the we have another at the end of the day, this one is to discuss anything that may have happened in school time and needs to be handed over to the other school staff, or if we have any concerns over a child. Our head mistress is always present in our meetings and will take notes if needed so she can then pass it all over to the whole management team. If a child has come into school and we seen any signs harm this is then handed over instantly either by telephone or in person to the management. If a child discloses something that could be a child protection matter then i must inform the child that i will need to hand this over to the team and miss.........(the child protection officer)...
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