7factor Leadership(English)

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Seven Factor Leadership Model
Role: Visionary, Executor, Motivator
Character: Value, Passion, Love, Wisdom
Value- business value, human value, moral value, spiritual value, cultural value (curiosity) Value makes pure mind which produces passion and love.

Business Value: mission, calling, devotion to be the best in what’s being done Human Value: Helping personal growth of others
Moral Value: pursue pure mind, no shameful behavior
Spiritual Value: carry out mission in the face of death
Cultural Value: curiosity in many things; interest in literature, art, and sports,

Value is determined by education and experience in childhood and young days. Passion: will, overcome hardship, throw oneself in what you do. Love: care and attention, respect for others, Humility (modesty), open mind, no prejudice

Depth of passion and love is determined by the depth of value(pureness).

Broad and balanced view, calm mind in any situation, value based principle of action, future insight, good and fast decision making, make complex situation simple by identifying its core.

Get wisdom thorough work and relationship, throw all of yourself in what you do.

• Three behavioral elements of Visionary
Listen and learn: know what’s going on. empathic listening (read mind) Tell: Information Sharing
Lead by Example(Sacrifice): cleaning toilet

• Three capability of Visionary
1. Define problem with future insight
2. Persuasion
3. Creation of urgency

• Four behavioral elements of Executor
Decisive: Persuade your program with principle and philosophy to overcome resistance. Engaged: Fully engaged in work and people, monitoring, and follow through results. Take corrective measures if necessary. Be thorough. Disciplined: will, perseverance and no excuse allowed in achieving objectives once decided, do it or die Delegate: participation of related people and free time for thinking.

• Five Roles of...
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