5s in Tabung Haji Malaysia

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of Tabung Haji Malaysia

Tabung Haji (TH) is associated with the concept of Islam as “Addeen” that is religion of “here and after”, all worship that is make by Allah s.w.t give benefit here and after. For increasing more on services and facilities for future pilgrim. In 1969 Tabung Haji was established under act 8, act of Lembaga Urusan and Tabung Haji 1969 for proposed of enable Muslim to save gradually to meet the expenses so that they can perform pilgrimage, or other useful expenditure, enable Muslim through their saving to take part more effectively of investment by way of lawful in Islam, to provide protection, control and welfare of the pilgrims who perform pilgrimage with various facilities and services.

Besides that, at Tabung Haji also have their vision and mission. Vision at Tabung Haji is pillars of the economic success of the “ummah”; management famous pilgrimage. The mission at Tabung Haji is achieving the vision of TH, that committed to the strengthening the “ummah” economy, actively seeking global and regional strategic investment for sustainable growth, mobilizing and enriching the depositor capital, providing continued excellent service, facilitated and improved towards “haji mabrur”, and provide returns, “halal” and “toyyiban”.

2. Background of Tabung Haji Malacca

Tabung Haji open its first branch in Malacca on 1st Jun 1973 at business lot building in Bangunan Guru-Guru Melayu at Jalan Hang Tuah with only two employees. In Mei 1980 TH was construct a building three storey with the total expenses RM4, 163, 836.00. TH Malacca was officially opened on 28 October 1981 by Y.A.B Encik Mohd bin Haji Mohd Adam Chief Minister of Malacca that time. Until now TH Malacca has three offices (including TH state office) and three TH mini offices all over Malacca.

1.3Quality Philosophy of Tabung Haji Malacca

At TH Malacca, they has philosophy that their practices. It is M.I.M. For word M stand for “Mesra” that is establish ties with a sincere and effective intimacy. Word I stand for “Iltizam” that the accurate determination continuously to meet customer needs in a transparent manner, and word M stand for “Mulia” that improving and continuing the work in glorious quality to customer.

4. Understanding 5S

The 5S Process, or simply "5S", is a structured program to systematically achieve total organization, cleanliness, and standardization in the workplace. A well-organized workplace results in a safer, more efficient, and more productive operation.  It boosts the morale of the workers, promoting a sense of pride in their work and ownership of their responsibilities. "5S" was invented in Japan, and stands for five (5) Japanese words that start with the letter 'S' that is Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke.        

Seiri is the first step of the "5S" process, seiri, refers to the act of throwing away all unwanted, unnecessary, and unrelated materials in the workplace.  People involved in Seiri must not feel sorry about having to throw away things. The idea is to ensure that everything left in the workplace is related to work. Even the number of necessary items in the workplace must be kept to its absolute minimum. Because of seiri, simplification of tasks, effective use of space, and careful purchase of items follow.       

Seiton, or orderliness, is all about efficiency.  This step consists of putting everything in an assigned place so that it can be accessed or retrieved quickly, as well as returned in that same place quickly.  If everyone has quick access to an item or materials, work flow becomes efficient, and the worker becomes productive.  The correct place, position, or holder for every tool, item, or material must be chosen carefully in relation to how the work will be performed and who will use them.  Every single item must be allocated...
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