5. Acylation of Ferrocene Post-Lab Report

Topics: Acetic anhydride, Stoichiometry, Acetyl chloride Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Name C.W.Lab Section 1

GTA N.C.Station30

5.Acylation of Ferrocene

Post-lab report

Fill out the appropriate sections below. Show all work. Your calculated answers need to match the answers in the table and be consistent with significant figures.


Amounts and units
Initial weight of Ferrocene0.225 g
Moles of Ferrocene1.21 * 10 ^ -3 mol
Initial volume of acetic anhydride1.00 mL
Moles of acetic anhydride0.0110 mol
Initial volume of phosphoric acid0.300 mL
Initial moles of phosphoric acid5.15*10^-3 mol
Limiting reagentFerrocene
Moles of limiting reagent1.21*10^-3 mol
Final weight of product0.288g
Theoretical yield29.49
Moles of product3.73*10^-4 mol
% yield97%
melting point (°C) of product128°C -131°C

Moles of Ferrocene 0.225g * mol of ferrocene/186.0g = 1.21 *10^-3 Moles of acetic anhydride 1.0mL *1.08g/mL = 1.08g * mol acetic anhydride/102.09g = 0.011moles Initial moles of phosphoric acid 0.3mL * 1.685 g/mL = 0.506g * mol/98.09g = 5.15*10^-3 Final weight of product vial A = 40.664-40.867=0.203g; vial B = 38.784-38.869 = 0.085g 0.203+0.085g = 0.288g Theoretical yield = 0.288* 102.09g = 29.49

Moles of product 0.085g* moles/228.01g = 3.73*10^-4 moles
% Yield: g of actual yield/mass of theoretically yield 100% = 0.288g/29.49*100 % = 97%

Complete the following questions and submit with your report.

1.Is an acyl (acetyl) group an EWG or EDG? EWG

2.While running column chromatography, three compounds were eluted (one was yellow, one was orange, and one was red). Name the three compounds, give the Rfs for each compound on the TLC, draw their structures, and explain how you know the elution order. If you did not elute a red compound, you must still explain what it would have been and draw it’s structure, but you won’t have an Rf for it. Rf= da/ds 0< Rf
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