3.2 Describe with Examples How Schools May Demonstrate and Uphold Their Aims

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Level 2 Award inSSiS Unit T/601/3325 (205) Task C Page 1

3.1 define the meaning of:
The aims are what the school wants to achieve. They could include the goals, targets, intentions and purpose.

The values are the principles or standards which could include rules of conduct, respect, honesty, kindness, sharing and appreciation.

3.2 Describe with examples how schools may demonstrate and uphold their aims Schools might demonstrate their aims by providing the basis for the delivery of the best curriculum, and commitment to enabling all of their children to succeed and be supported to achieve their best through a range of exciting learning opportunities. They would uphold the aims by ensuring the rules are followed, teaching the children valuable skills to use in school as well as in their home life, it would also keep order in the running of the school. It is the schools role to ensure that their children are well prepared for the opportunities and challenges of life. Parents are involved in encouraging their participation in the education of their children, and by offering a supportive framework where they work with school. Examples could be extra help with reading, classroom assistance, homework, fun ways of learning for example St David's and Ysgol Panteg use fun computer programmes to teach the children. Children are also always encouraged to take pride in themselves, their appearance and their work, with high standards being required at all times

3.3 Describe with examples how schools may demonstrate and uphold their value The values would be demonstrated by the teachers following the rules of conduct and encouraging the children to follow them maintaining a thriving and purposeful community in which all pupils...
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