1950 Evolution of Rock Notes.

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  • Published : June 17, 2013
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- One hit wonder of the 1950s-Was by Chubby Checker called “The Twist” - Allen Freed began to promote Rock n roll by traveling around the country -Television arrived and enabled people to now have an image of who they’re listening to on the radio, which caused at the time the older generation to not approve of the wide abundance of African American musicians being shown in their living rooms on television. -This created awareness by the television stations and record companies to create not only a solid musician, but also had the looks and charisma for the times. - This spawned radio stations; record companies, to use African American hit songs, and have attractive Caucasian men sing to the audience and have an entire new sound to the original song. - This was done most notably to the song “Tootie Frootie” which was originally song by Little Richard. But remade for Pat Boone for television purposes and for the overall opinion of the commonwealth. - This whole process was to ensure they could sell these musicians as a product that can be shown to the public. - Because of this, business began to play into the art. Corporate people began wanting to make money who have zero artistry emotion or creative design, but stifle the artful wheel for the sake of a profit. - This began the process in trying to find the new innovative big thing or the next Elvis, who does well musically and can be sold to the public . I.E.-Movies. - The three top candidates that were looked as the next big musicians. - The Crickets lead by Buddy Holly, The big Bopper, and Richie Valens. - Buddy Holly was talented and the most notable as being the next Elvis or star. The big Bopper was charismatic, but not as talented. He had a profound stage presence. Richie Valens was a young 17 year old talented musician who was a Mexican American singer who was very popular in the Latin community, best known for his song La bamba. -In a very unfortunate frame events, all three of the musicians...
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