17.1 Notes

Topics: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Italy Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: January 9, 2013
17.1 NOTES

Renaissance: this word literally means rebirth, but in this way it is used as revival of art and learning. This movement started in the country of Italy. This gradually spread from the north of Italy to the rest of Europe.

Humanism: this is an academic movement that studies on human probability and goals. Humanists study them to understand ancient Greek standards.

Secular: this was the simple spirit of the Renaissance society. This means they are worldly not religious and worried with the now and here. Even the church leaders have become more secular. Some of the lived in huge aesthetic mansions and threw banquets and large amounts of money.

Patrons: Church leaders during the Renaissance glorified the city of Rome and other cities by using large quantities of money for art. Which mean they have become patrons of the arts by monetarily supporting artists. Renaissance merchants and wealthy families also were patrons of the arts. Perspective: shows three dimensions on a flat surface. Example is; Marriage of the Virgin (1504), Raphael. Vernacular: native language to ones self, Dante wrote in vernacular. 2. I think the movement of the Renaissance was the most important advantage of Italy because it was the boom of creativity in art and it lasted from about 1300-1600. The contributions made through this period of time led to ground-breaking styles of art and literature. 3. Renaissance Man is a man who excelled in many places and was praised like a “universal man”. The Renaissance Woman were not expected to get fame. They were expected to inspire art but hardly ever to have created it. Upper class women were better educated than medieval women. But, they have a little amount of experience in politics. 4. There were three advantages that made Italy the birthplace of the Renaissance movement were: thriving cities, wealthy merchants and the classical heritage if Greece and Rome. 5. They became secular...
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