151a Syllabus

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Ohlone College
English 151A: Fundamentals of Composition

Instructor: Mark PeasleeFall Semester 2012
Office:TBAT, Th
Office Hours: T, Th by appointment8:00 a.m.-9:35 a.m.
English Learning Center: 1 p.m.-2 p.m. ThRoom: HH 208
Email: MPeaslee@ohlone.edu

Ohlone College Student Learning Outcomes
The Official Course Outline lists student learning outcomes, stating that by the end of the semester, the student will: 1. Demonstrate the ability to write an informal essay with logical structure, basic paragraph structuring, and sentence 2. Identify main idea and relevant, supporting details in a reading; word parts (prefix, suffix, roots) in vocabulary; and contextual clues.

3. Use beginning critical thinking skills in reading, and identifying literal and inferential reasoning.

Assigned Texts and Materials
* Scarry, Sandra and John. The Writer’s Workplace with Readings. Seventh Edition. * Connect Writing (Access Code) from the bookstore or online * Journal (anything you can use for in class free-writing and save)

Your final grade in this class will be assessed from the following elements: * 20%Paragraph Assignments
* 30% Essay Assignments
* 25% English Learning Center
* 10% Classroom: Attendance, exercises, quizzes, participation, etc. * 15% Final

Assignments and Deadlines
All assignments must be completed and turned in before or during class on the due date. Late assignments will be accepted no later than one day after the due date and will be automatically marked down 25%. I will accept these assignments only in person- emailed copies are not allowed. All assignments (unless otherwise specified) must be typed, stapled, and double spaced using a 10 or 12 point Times New Roman Font.

Since we will rely a great deal upon in-class work including, discussion, peer review, and small group work, it is essential that you attend class in order to both get the most...
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