13 Colonies Questions and Answers

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Massachusetts, New Jersey Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: October 11, 2012
1. The thirteen colonies were ruled by what country?
2. Which of the following states were one if the original 13 colonies? Mississippi, Alaska, Kentucky, New Jersey, or Ohio? 3. If many people came to New England for freedom of religion, what can you infer about life in the 17th century Europe? 4. What was a major difference between Middle and New England colonies? 5. What did the settlers of the 13 colonies have in common?

6. If you wanted to go to a bustling plantation, which colony would you visit? 7. Why were the thirteen colonies established on the east coast? 8. What is the significance of the Jamestown settlement?

9. Place the following events in sequence: 1) The Plymouth colony is founded; 2) The Jamestown colony is founded; 3) The French-Indian War. 10. What was the major issue that sparked a revolution in the colonies? 11. Who founded the colony of Connecticut on May 1636?

12. Anne Hutchinson was a famous woman at the time when the colonies in the New England area were being settled. What was she known for? 13. New York used to be known as _________?
14. Roger Smith established the colony of Rhode Island. True or False? 15. Who founded the colony of Pennsylvania and what religious group did he belong to? 16. Georgia, America’s thirteenth colony was founded for a certain group of people. Who were these people? 17. What was the name of the boundary that separated the Middle and Southern Colonies? 18. What were the three major crops of the Carolinas?

19. Triangular trade was a famous trade between the colonies, West Africa, and the West Indies. Rum was made for trade. What two key ingredients of rum were produced in the colonies? 20. Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret set up a colony known as New Jersey. True or False?

1. Great Britain
2. New Jersey
3. Religious persecution was a common occurrence in 17th century Europe. 4. The Middle colonies were more ethnically diverse than the New England colonies. 5. They all wanted...
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